Hello world!

Hello and welcome to Motivation to Become. As this is my first post of many to come in the next 3 months we shall begin a process of trying to figure out Motivation to Become. By educating myself I hope to share with you a new stretch in my┬ácapabilities. This has been a challenge thrown out by someone who dares us to challenge what we don’t know and to make it a business.

What business you ask? Well in essence it could be one of many, however for this contest we are regulated to something we haven’t done before for. So for me that kind of narrows a few things. Also I have to find something that doesn’t require lots of licensing, ie.. a lawyer or doctor. Although if this works out well enough, I do think I have what’s already required to have a Doctorate in Motivation. More to come on that tomorrow. For now, this is just an introduction to what I will be accomplishing.

So tomorrow I will begin to detail what I’m going to do for you, the reader and what you can do for me. For now, think of what you want to become and what is stopping you from getting there? Fear, the courage to try something new, lack of resources, don’t know how to start? Don’t worry I will help you eat those stopping points and will begin change those into motivational points.



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