The Choice We Have To Face

So we have lots of questions to fish out for ourselves. Perhaps we have to first look at desire and determine what desire really means. I’m not talking about a wikipedia answer here. But the question begins with- Is desire linker to our wants and needs? Are our desires ever satisfied or do we go from desire filled to another that has been awakened?

What lies behind our desires, our wants, our needs? What are our motivations behind them? Then we have to ask ourselves, how often do I fulfill these desires?

We want better jobs, nicer cars, vacation homes, but we drown ourselves with questions about what we need to sacrifice to get there to these wants. Inspiration comes to us in various forms: brainstorming, daydreams, quiet drives in our car, or sometimes we get reflections from our worst moments. We step back and from the steps we need to take to get our start, we build up steam, and then shortly fall flat the minute self-doubt shows itself in our hearts and minds.

Self-doubt is our own worst enemy, especially when we have choice as our back-up plan. We have been taught that there are two voices or angels sitting on top of our shoulders, the good and the bad. We listened to the good many times, but then the bad (voice) steps in, letting itself be known. “I can’t do this, it will take to much time to get…fill this in with self-doubt. This is when we realize the first step in getting further in our desires takes a choice.

We face so many choices everyday. But when do we sit down with ourselves and say “What happens if I don’t make this choice to change?” When do we ask ourselves what will happen if we don’t make the right choice? What keeps us from taking advantage of today? Self-doubt. The choice’s can be made for us perhaps by a judge or a doctor, but when left to our own decision it is so much easier to tell ourselves why we shouldn’t make the hard choices.

So I challenge you to make the first great choice. The one that will take you a step closer to your desires and the minute our friend self-doubt raises his voice take a minute to assess what is really happening. Realize that making that first choice in the right direction is easy, but TAKING that first step is always the hardest. Imagine what lies for you at the end, rather then thinking about everything that is going to happen in between.

I will give you a situation that I changed for myself in my next post.

 The first step on a long trip is always the hardest. 


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