Visions of Grandeur

One thing we need to keep in mind when following our blueprint is that there are important people and tasks in our life that we can’t sacrifice. I write this because we all have people in our corner that are important to who we are as individuals, as parents, and as friends. When we dig deep into what makes us, well us, we have our personalities, but we also have the people around us that make us succeed or fail. The hardest task is to balance these people in our life. Often we get involved in charging into tasks or setting new goals and we can leave people behind without meaning to. This is when we have to share with others what’s going on, that we are taking big steps into making changes in our life and becoming a new person.
Now this leads me to talk about the negative people in our lives and we surely all have them. The non-motivators in our corner can be severe distractions, it’s bad enough we already have the voice leaning in every time we are a bit unsure if we are taking the right steps towards change. That friend of ours who is always so negative and edgy. Always complaining about this or that and expecting us to right the wrongs of their life for them, it’s time to analyze this person and to really ask ourself if they are a positive or negative influence. If we find them to be a negative Nancy in our world, then maybe the time has come to chat with them and to tell them how much we value them as a friend but we can’t fix their lives for them. What I’m definitely not saying is to write these people out of your life. Being honest and sharing with them the positive aspects of life and how much they are a big part of ours can be a change in and of itself to the negative/attention seekers.
Relatively taking the time to be there for our spouse, children, or friends can be a great way to relieve some built up anxiety about our new designs on becoming. If your already taking the right steps it will show and more than likely you will receive some attention benefitting you by seeing that your taking the right steps, and above all the steps your taking are working.
Vision is important, people who succeed have to have strong vision of the final outcome. Often there are plenty of people who can’t see the big picture of what your doing and will be quick to point this out. Using the power of positive thinking and visualizing techniques can reap huge rewards. I could tell you how to use meditation and positive visualizing till the cows come home but there are many professionals out there who can do a better job than I can. But here goes:
Take 15 minutes out of your day and find a quiet place that you can just sit back and invest in yourself for a short amount of time. Think about how the slimmer new you will look. Think about the smile on your face when your closing on the business deal you’ve been working hard on. Imagine shaking the hands, what the conference room will look like, and most importantly imagine being there. Studies have shown that the power of positive thinking is one of the most beneficial tools we have in our briefcase. I’m no expert on the matter but it did save me a bunch of mental pain while I was in Iraq while I was in the Marine Corps. But if you would like more information about this subject I will recommend “The Magic of Thinking Big,” by Dr. David Schwartz.
“I would rather have a life of “oh wells” then a life of what ifs’.”
Joel Brown


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